Tuesday, 10. February 2009

Gestaltquelle – Tipps und Tricks für Grafiker und solche die es werden wollen

Für mein gesammeltes Wissen im Grafik-Designbereich habe ich jetzt einen eigenen Blog ins Leben gerufen:

Gestaltquelle – Tipps und Tricks für Gestalter und solche die es werden wollen

und eine erste Empfehlungsliste auf Amazon zusammengestellt

Buchempfehlungen für Gestalter und solche die es werden wollen

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Thursday, 25. October 2007

Cat Bell

This one reminds me on my life… =^.^=

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Wednesday, 24. October 2007

Dancing Bird

Wohahahaaaaaa! Watch this video, it’s great!

»Dancing Bird

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Wednesday, 17. October 2007

WiWaSo: Dr. Konrad bloggt!
WiWaSo – Wissenschaft, Wahnsinn und Sonstiges, guter Name, gutes Programm – wer Fotos mag und die Technik dahinter versteht, sollte Karstens Blog verfolgen!
»WiWaSo – Dr. Konrad bloggt

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Wednesday, 10. October 2007

Europe’s biggest Bird Zoo: Vogelpark Walsrode

On Sunday, we went to Walsrode. The bird diversity is really blowing your head away! But I didn’t like the style of the park! Really square, narrow-minded… uaaaahhhhh!!! Solely the playground is really great.
If you are interested in more details, my german friends should »read the article about the Vogelpark Walsrode I wrote on QYPE. But I tell you, folks, the birds are really really sheer madness! Go there for bird watching as soon you have the possibility! Here are some pictures Sven and me took, feel free to ask for more!

left: ostrich; right: the funny looking shoebill (Schuhschnabel)

Unfortunately I forgot its name… something like Kuasar or so… it is kept predatory because of a sharp claw with which it slays its enemies

One of my favourites , the great grey owl

Another favourite, the terrific harpy eagle – great, folks!!!

Funny lads – 2 completely crazy marabous

Last but not least, my special friend, a crocky cockatoo

»Vogelpark Walsrode

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Tuesday, 9. October 2007

Lifestyle Pets: World’s biggest kitty available for $ 22000

Tasteless or just stunning!? Lifestyle Pets developed world’s rarest and most exotic breed of cat – The Ashera®. They blend the bloodlines of the African Serval and Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat to “design” this incredible beautiful lifestyle cat.
Prospectants have to pay $ 22.000 for the mini leopard… well, unfortunately not my financial league, but who knows (if not Siegfried’s Roy), perhaps one day the Asian Leopard in this kitty come to life and wish to tell the Lifestylers what he is thinking about their obsession!?

»more info at lifestyle pets

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Monday, 10. September 2007

No translation possible…
He-Man der Saarlänna

Zurück zu meinen Wurzeln ins good old Saarland – ei gudd!

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Saturday, 11. August 2007
Want to get hooked on something!??

Wow… I tell you, folks, this game is highly addictive… don’t begin to play… uh!

»go to miniclip.com and play BLOXORX – you will get your kicks!!!

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Thursday, 9. August 2007
Hairwonder Barbie – Quick Curl 1976

Wow… what happened to Ken’s Hair in 1976!? Just look! He isn’t blonde anymore but more beetle-browed, isn’t he!? I guess, his eyebrows are nearly 2 moustaches left and right, ha!? His name is “TO-DAY-LOOK-KEN” and he came with full beard, whiskers and two additional moustaches to play with… that's not to be sneezed at, folks… WEIRD!!!!!

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Thursday, 2. August 2007
2nd Typography Topic: Dashes / Divis, Gedanken- und Geviertstrich

Another special character to learn is the dash and its correct length. »click here for german text and rules, which are a bit different to the english.

Hyphens and Discretionary Hyphens
A hyphen is the shortest dash and should only be used between words or to break syllables at the end of a line of type. Strictly speaking, the hyphen is not a dash at all.Keystroke: hyphen key

Discretionary hyphens disappear unless needed. they are manually inserted where you want a word to break if and when that word appears at the end of a line. If the text reflows, the hyphen becomes invisible.
Keystroke (Mac): Command+hyphen key

En dash
En dashes are used to indicate a range in numeric values, such as those between dates, times, or numbers.

ages 10–15

They also indicate routes

Berlin–London flight

Generally you can say the en dash means “to”.
HTML coding is –

Em dash

The em dash indicates a sudden break in thought or an open range, missing letters, words or numbers.


Karl Mustermann, 1968—

What the f—?

HTML coding is —

In German the em dash is out of use, because it is a too hard separation of written sentences, so the german rules of dashes are different.

Divis (Trenn- oder Bindestrich) Einen Trenn- oder Bindestrich benutzt man im Deutschen zur Silbentrennung, als Auslassungszeichen bei Aufzählungen und zusammengesetzten Wörtern (ohne Abstand)


Ein- und Ausgang



Minus und Gedankenstrich (Halbgeviertstrich)
Der Gedankenstrich wird bei eingeschobenen Sätzen – Gedanken also (mit Abstand) – oder aber als Ersatz für das Wort „bis“ bei Zeitangaben wie

von 12–13h

und bei Streckenangaben (ohne Abstand) benutzt.


Des weiteren wird er im Text als einzig wahres Minuszeichen gesetzt, weil er so breit wie das Pluszeichen ist. Sieht man hier:

+ / –

Der HTML code ist –

Der Geviertstrich
wird bisweilen noch bei Streckenangaben benutzt, zerstört aber durch seine Länge das Satzbild, weshalb man ihn durch den Gedankenstrich oder korrekt den Halbgeviertstrich ersetzt hat.


Der HTML code ist —

Weiterführender Link: praegnanz.de

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