Thursday, 25. October 2007

Cat Bell

This one reminds me on my life… =^.^=

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Wednesday, 24. October 2007

Dancing Bird

Wohahahaaaaaa! Watch this video, it’s great!

»Dancing Bird

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Friday, 10. August 2007
Want to get hooked on something!??

Wow… I tell you, folks, this game is highly addictive… don’t begin to play… uh!

»go to and play BLOXORX – you will get your kicks!!!

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Thursday, 9. August 2007
Hairwonder Barbie – Quick Curl 1976

Wow… what happened to Ken’s Hair in 1976!? Just look! He isn’t blonde anymore but more beetle-browed, isn’t he!? I guess, his eyebrows are nearly 2 moustaches left and right, ha!? His name is “TO-DAY-LOOK-KEN” and he came with full beard, whiskers and two additional moustaches to play with… that's not to be sneezed at, folks… WEIRD!!!!!

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Wednesday, 20. June 2007
Finds from the Past
My shelves are full of magazines of the 60s and 70s and sometimes I feel like sifting through them to discover niceties like the following from 1968… all in german, but I think anybody will understand – geeeeeeeee…

to be continued…

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